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Got Questions? We have answers to commonly asked questions below:
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FAQ / Common Questions:

Question Do you have another size?
Answer    Yes, We have 3 sizes, the largest is the Bean Bag Bead, which is about pill size. We also have smaller beads, the larger of those two is the Milk Bottle or Mini Snow Bead. These are about the size of a pin head, and come in a mix of about 3 sizes all about the same pin head size. We also have a smaller bead, the Micro Bead or Pillow Filling Bead. These are very small, about the size of a fine tipped ball point pen. It is these you find in all the new toys and pillows.

Question Do I have to use this PayPal think to buy from here?
Answer    Yes, At this time, however, we are working on another style of shopping cart for this site.

Question How much is X Cubic Feet?
Answer    That Depends - But 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches is a Cubic Foot. Picture a box, 12 inches height, 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide - that box is One (1) Cubic Foot.
FYI: 12 cubic feet is about the size of an average bathtub.

Question How much is X Gallons?
Answer    That Depends, how many gallons, Milk is sold in One (1) gallon jugs, and most of us know what the local bottled water company bottle is, most use a Five (5) gallon jug.
FYI: 55 Gallons is a drum, like an oil drum, ours are made of cardboard, but you get the idea.

Question How much gallons in a cubic foot?
Answer    7.5, Basically. 1 cubic foot is 7.48051945 US gallons.

Question Hey the recent why the price jump?
Answer    Sorry, While we strive to ensure the lowest possible price, we recently had to make a price adjustment. Realize that with the increases in fuel and transportation costs, plus the cost of raw materials, and their associated costs, we had the miss future of a 25% increase in our costs. Sadly, we had to pass some of that on.

Question What is your return policy?
Answer    We don't offer one. We strongly suggest that buyers purchase a sample or a single bag before purchasing a larger volume, only to learn it's not what they expected or wanted. We have bags as small as 2 cubic feet that you could purchase if you need more then the sample we sell.

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CAUTION: Keep bean bag filling away from children!

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