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Got Questions? We have answers to commonly asked questions below:
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Real Questions from Real People...

Question "I have a question about the quantity. Is 5 gallons equivalent to like a 5 gallon bucket? Is it a measure like that."
Answer    Yes, We measure with a Home Depot 5 gallon bucket.

Question "I have an application for polystyrene beads (of the sort described on your website) as a filler material to carry a small amount of magnetic material. The application is for the medical industry. I would need a partner who can help attach the magnetic material to individual foam beads with about 5% uniformity. Size is not critical but something close to 1 mm would be ideal."
Answer    Sorry, No, we don't do that.

Question "Just wondering if you know of a company that will ship your product, or product similar to yours , to Canada?"
Answer    No, we have no other affiliates.

Question "I have a question about the differences in the Milk bottle filler, New Pillow bead, Micro bead for pillows, and the Bean Bag Refills?"
Answer    The only difference, is the size of the bead.

Question "Which one will hold up the best in a child's bag I made?"
Answer    No real difference, The beads are all virgin polystyrene beads.

Question "What is the best bead to make bed pillows ?"
Answer    The question becomes, what do you want in your pillow, a small bead (like in the pillows from Moshe and others), a slightly larger bead, or a much larger bead (a bean bag bead).

Question "How large is this package? I have arranged to ship to my work and need to take it home in my car." (she purchased 18 cu feet of bean bag beads).
Answer    A Lot, This is about the size of your whole back seat and the passengers seat.

Question "What is the best way to load the beads into the chair? Any secrets?"
Answer    We only sell the beans, We do not carry the empty shell. Sadly, we have not filled any chairs.

Question "Do you sell your refill beads through retail outlets such as craft stores/fabric stores?"
Answer    See Above, under the question "Do you have a dealer in my city, state or country?"

Question "I want to use these as an added form of insulation between a brick veneer out side wall and frame of a home. I have 2 walls approx 400sq' two inch's thick. How many due you think I need?"
Answer    Though we don't recommend it, you could give it a try. However we do not know how it will turn out. And we can not take responsibility for projects containing the micro pillow or bean filler. It's intended use is as either pillow or bean bag filler.

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outstanding service. I look forward to ordering more from this vendor. Thank you
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CAUTION: Keep bean bag filling away from children!

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